Regal Soft Color Ammonia Free Color

Dec 15th 2020

Regal Soft Color Ammonia Free Color


Burdock is soothing to the hair and provides antioxidant.

Echinacea is astringent, anti-inflammatory and great for sensitivity.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and calming for the scalp.

Marine Oak help softening the hair.

St. Johns Wart is conditioning agent and protects the skin.

Vitamin B-5 helps with moisture, healing and anti-inflammatory.

Lime is what makes the hair feels refresh.

Ammonia Free Demi-Permanent Hair Color

AC Colorplex- A blend of protective enzymes that fight free radicals, it has a fresh fruity fragrance, and delicate formula uses MEA instead of Ammonia, it completes unpigmented hair coverage, provides long lasting color and your hair receives the benefits of vegetable liposomes during coloring to improve the softness, shine and health of the hair.

Mixing Ratios and Activators

Regal Soft Color Ammonia Free Demi- Permanent Hair Color

For a semi-opaque result-

Ratio is 1 to 1 with Activator

Mix 1-part Regal Soft Color

with 1-part Activator

Ex: 50g Regal Zero + 50g


For a translucent result-

Ratio is 1 to 2 with Activator

Mix 1-part Regal Soft Color

With 2-parts Activator

Ex: 5-g Regal Soft Color +

100g Activator

Processing time-

N.1= 10 to 15 minutes

N.2= 20 to 25 minutes

N.3= 20 to 30 minutes

N.1= 5vl- Refresh color, coverage only, minimally affects melanin, works on same level only, temporary tone.

N.2= 10vl- After lightening, repigmentation, ideal for 1 level lighter or 1 level darker, grey blending.

N.3= 20vl- Medium to high grey or unpigmented hair content, change tonality, enhance underlying pigment, intensify colors, virgin hair, resistant hair.

The Regal Soft Color Activators are formulated with Trimethyl Glycine-a natural molecule derived from sugar beets. Trimethyl Glycine helps protect the hair protein structure during the coloring process as well as improve strength and reduce breakage.